Crypto as a Wolf.

Simplify trading decisions like never before. Swap your tokens the
better way. Participate in bot free launches.

Our products


Our decentralised trading platform provides you with reports on any project contract, allowing you to make informed trading decisions within a few seconds - making trading more convenient than ever before.


WolfSwap allows projects to collect taxes in native coin rather than project token to reduce sell pressure. Become a WolfSwap partner and have WolfSwap embedded into your own project dApp.


Be part of the future and launch your project and protect your investors from bots, sniper and multi-wallets whilst avoiding big contract sells during launch by using our innovative LaunchShield dApp.

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Exclusive Promotion

By partnering with us and using LaunchShield or WolfSwap, your project will be listed on our platform. This will also include limited, free-of-charge, partners-only promotions. (T&C apply)

Make it Yours

WolfSwap is free to use. Become our partner today to have your project listed on our platform and have our utilities embedded on your dApp.

Developers Support

Get support from our developers to embed our dApp to yours - enhancing your user experience and make it part of your ecosystem.

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You can also email us directly at contact@wolfeye.io